Lake Tahoe

After having lived in Lake Tahoe for many years I have finally achieved something I always wanted, to setup my own blog. The area I live in is one of the most amazing places on the planet and as an avid photographer I wanted to have a space on the web where I could post some of my favorite shots.

As someone who lives close to one of the largest lakes in the US I have access to the most amazing wildlife, water activities (fishing) and, of course, plenty of skiing in the winter months. In fact, winter is my favorite time for taking photos as an alpine forest covered with snow creates the perfect backdrop and I could spend weeks testing out different shots, especially with the lake in the background.


My other passion is for golf and if I am not out with my fishing rod or camera then you will probably find me hanging out at Lake Tahoe Golf Course. I wish I was a better golfer to be honest but living in a region that has fairly extreme winters limits the amount of play I can get throughout the year. Any avid golfer will know that if you stop playing for a few months it is super difficult to try and pick up where you left off!

I hope you will check back and follow my simple journey of life around Lake Tahoe as I update with all my activities and of course some interesting photos!


Keeping My Golf Game Fresh Over Winter

So, as I mentioned in my first post one of my obsessions is with the game of golf. As any other golfers out there will know it is a hard game to learn and an even harder game to improve upon. The only real way to get a hold on the game is to schedule weekly practice and be very strict about sticking with it. This is all well and good until we look at where I live, in an area that suffers from extremely harsh winters making it all but impossible to keep my practice going.

After a couple of years of frustration I finally found the solution (after a visit to the PGA merchandising show in 2012) and that is to get myself a studio setup at home to house a golf simulator. I bought myself an Optishot from Dancin Dogg and you can learn more about it by reading this Optishot Review which shows all the features this product comes with. At then end of the day it is not expensive for what you get and I have found it useful in maintaining my swing over winter.

Simulator Screen Shot

To get something like this setup you do need to consider the amount of space you have available in your home – the product does not work outdoors so tall ceilings and a fair amount of space are important. A friend of mine has his setup in the garage so there is that option if your home is a little bit too small.

With the Optishot you can play full simulated rounds of golf as well as practice in the driving range mode. The stats are fairly accurate, enough to get an idea of each swing, and you can actually work on improving faults while you practice.

The only other items required is a decent PC, now this is important as you will find that the graphics can stutter a bit if you don’t have the processing power. I use an LCD display but if you have the budget then I would recommend a projector as these enhance the experience and make the whole thing more realistic. Installing everything is really simple except for the sensors. These can take some time to calibrate and this is why I recommend having a dedicated area for the simulator, it becomes a pain if you have to calibrate and setup every time you want to use it!

I guess it does cost a fair bit to setup but if you love the game of golf then you will find it lots of fun and certainly good enough to keep your golf swing in tune over the winter months.